Engineering Platform Pvt. Ltd. was registered in BS 2067 in Government of Nepal under Company Act, 2006 as a multi-disciplined civil engineering consulting firm. with a vision to offer clients with numerous specialized services: Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering, Engineering Design, Surveying, Valuation and Cost Estimation of Physical infrastructure, Building Inspection, Non-Destructive Test, Construction Supervision.

Clients’ full satisfaction is our aim. We recognize that our clients are the very reason we exist, therefore, we make utmost efforts to satisfy our client. To achieve this we always remain in touch with the client at every stage of the project Implementation. To conceive a ration design of a project we gather requirements of the client that his/her desires to be fulfilled after implementation of the project. Based on the client’s requirements and coupled with technical data and viability we conceive various rational design options and discuss these options with the client. While discussion we clearly explain the client merit and demerit of each option. We always take note of valid suggestions of the client and do our best to incorporate in the selected option. Thus, after finalization of the option we take up detailed design.

During Valuation/construction supervision of the project we stick to the adherence of the specified quality and do our best to eliminate disputes. Timely completion of the project is a matter of prime importance for us.

Engineering Platform Pvt. Ltd. as a company is financially sound to undertake any engineering and architectural job. We have adequate assets and resources, which can be effectively mobilized for the purpose of the proposed job.

As per the application laws and regulations, Engineering Platform Pvt. Ltd., as a legal entity, belongs to the category “Private Limited Company” which has to get its account audited for every fiscal year by a registered auditor, which is duly registered, with the Office of the Company Registrar, Nepal. The Audited accounts and the auditor’s report are then submitted to the Income Tax Office of the Government of Nepal and the income tax is cleared for every year. Engineering Platform Pvt. Ltd. has always been scrupulous in the timely fulfillment of all the requirements as per the governing rules and regulations.